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Industrial / Commercial Services:

Fortress Metals' reputation for honesty, integrity and efficient service makes us the dealer of choice to handle any of your industrial scrap metal needs. We are fully equipped to meet all your specific needs. Prompt pick-up and drop-off services are always available. Our fleet of trucks allows us the flexibility to provide the high level of service you expect from an industry leader.

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We are equipped with:
  • Open top trailers
  • Roll off boxes of all sizes
  • Dump hoppers

Metal recycling in Durham is as easy as saving your scraps and taking a monthly trip to Fortress Metals. Recycling metal is a great way to conserve resources, earn extra money, and protect the Earth with sound environmental principles. Fortress Metals is a principled company that works with integrity to reuse and re-purpose metal that cannot be put to use as is. This saves energy and reduces the amount of abuse we inflict on both ourselves and our environment by pulling metal from the earth. Recycling scrap metal in Durham decreases greenhouse gas and utilizes less energy than mining and making metal out of new ore. It also conserves natural resources like ore, limestone, and core. Recycling is an important part of fulfilling our duty to protect the Earth, and therefore, something Fortress Metals strongly promotes.

Whether the interested party is looking for junk car removal in Durham or just has old building materials taking up space on their property scrap metal dealers like Fortress Metals can help. Unlike some scrap metal dealers in Durham and junk car removal services in Hamlet, Fortress Metals, recycles Ferrous materials, Non Ferrous materials, and electronic scrap. This can include: old phone chargers, circuit boards, tin, Auto batteries, lead, all types of copper, among other metals and electronic products. They do not recycle dangerous or potentially hazardous materials.

Fortress Metals is also a great way to make a few extra dollars for little work. The money that customers stand to make and save is a worthwhile incentive to take your scrap metal in to be recycled, but it is not the only incentive. In addition to lining your pockets and making sure you get the most out of your money, you can clean up your yard or lot and get rid of material that would likely have ended up in the trash or rusting indefinitely. Instead of throwing scrap metal away or doing nothing with it, consider taking the easy extra step of selling it to Fortress Metals. It reduces our impact on the environment, makes the world a cleaner place, and puts some extra money in your pocket.