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What We Buy:

What We Buy Collage
Non-Ferrous Materials
  • Aluminum
    • Old sheet, cast, extrusion, MLC, siding, cans, rims, cable and radiators and etc.

  • Brass
    • Red brass, yellow brass, bronze, shells and etc.

  • Copper
    • Bare bright, #1 & # 2, Light copper, insulated copper wire, aluminum/copper radiators Auto radiators, electric motors, transformers, sealed units, yokes and etc.

  • Lead
    • Auto battery, steel case battery and Lead and etc.

  • Stainless
    • All grades of clean or irony and etc.


What We Buy Collage

Ferrous Materials
  • White goods (appliances), tin, scrap car, cast iron, prepared and unprepared steel of all grades and etc.
Electronic Scrap
  • Circuit boards, hard drives, power supply, A/C adapters, old telephone and plug ends and etc.

We Do Not Buy:

  • Propane Tanks
  • Radioactive/Toxic Materials

You can view more details on the current scrap specifications below: